Our Philosphy Is
Stochastic Optimistic Nihilism

Our Values Are









We Are

A cross disciplinary team with expertise spanning from assembly and compilers, to robotics and embedded systems, to web, AI, blockchain, to conceptual art, photography, music, sound design, and everything in between.

Stefanos Kornilios Mitsis Poiitidis

Coordination, Quality Assurance, Jack of all trades. I’m at home working on open-source, low-level computing infrastructure, and I love solving real world problems through creative use of technology. When not busy, I fix bugs.

Konstantinos Kamaropoulos

Computer Generalist, Researcher, Ethical Hacker.
I like to look at the bigger picture of things. That’s what allows me to design complete solutions from the ground up while also being able to work precisely and effectively on even the smallest details of a project.

Pavlos Paliouras Margarinis

Administrative Support, Supervision, Artist in Residence. Abstract mysterious creative entity, with a unique outlook and understanding on human nature. I've made music and soundscapes for games, films, art exhibitions. Currenty working on a surrealist 3d video game, and bringing people together through art and kindness.

Dimitris Vlachos

I love challenges and finding solutions to very difficult problems. I'm obsessed with software optimizations (Multithread/GPU) and making things run smooth & fast.

Stylianos Iordanis

M.Eng. in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering, M.Sc. in Finance, Ph.D. Candidate in Operations Research/ML and Shipping Finance. Diverse experience in Analytics and Machine Learning for international consulting and research projects with a solid quantitative background in financial modeling & econometrics, algorithmic trading & statistical arbitrage.

Our Specialties Include

Internet of Things

Smart devices are an extension of ourselves. Whether you need a simple automation or a smart robot, our C/C++/Assembly developers can undertake projects in all major CPU architectures.

Machine Learning

Machines won't take over the world, yet, but we can teach them how to analyze data and help you make informed decisions and automate processes. We can deliver complete analytics, optimization, and AI solutions by leveraging the state of the art in all machine learning fields.

Computer Vision

We can enhance your robotics and deep learning applications using advanced Computer Vision methods. We also have expertise in sensor programming, space mapping, calibration, and virtual surface mapping to real-world geometry.

Web & Mobile Applications

Nothing is usable without an easy to use interface. We can develop complete, custom full stack web solutions based on frameworks from NodeJS, TypeScript, Golang, Python, C# and more.

Sound Design

Everything looks better when it sounds good, and everything sounds better with a good sound design. We provide soundtrack design for games or any kind of video/multimedia content.

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